Feeding Zombies

They walk through the woods and up my driveway looking like zombies. I guess a day of river training leaves you feeling like a zombie! I wouldn’t know exactly…
Fact: I am not swift water rescue certified. While I have guided my fair share of raft boats down the Nantahala River, I never ACTUALLY swam the “long swim”. I do not have my own personal testimony of how I battled the “strainer” successfully, or unsuccessfully. Both river training exercises were created/required after my hay day of SWO summer staff responsibilities! However, from all the years of welcoming my husband home after long hours of outdoor recreation training, I can tell you that the only thing needed to snap these riverhead-zombies back into life is some good food, hot coffee and a place to relax and laugh a bit!
Luckily for these OLD Schoolers, at the end of their short hike through the woods, they found just that at our house!
stroganoff greenbeans




tongs from pam

I enjoy cooking for large groups of people, especially for the river section of OLD School. I look forward to it every year! Sure, it seems easy enough. Just throw 5lbs of pasta in a pot, open a giant can of tomato sauce and microwave some bags of steamed broccoli, right? But somehow the simple gets (ahem) complicated when cooking that much food and taking care of my children. There was more than one occasion when I made all the food during nap time and heated it up before the zombies arrived!

Nevertheless, I have this crazy idea that folding people, especially young people, into the routine of our home life, teaches them more about how the body of Christ should operate. By serving one another, cleaning up after one another, laughing, crying, and comforting one another we are acting like family. Simply showing these students how our family operates is small part of our joy in serving in full-time ministry at Snowbird/OLD School. We want these guys to feel like a part of our family.
* FYI: Most of the “crying and comforting” refers to my own kids. They usually insist on showing off their new “tricks” to guests. It is normal for someone to get hurt, a bit.

Several nights they held teaching sessions in our living room where our friend Zach shared about what it means to live in real community and how to relate to one another as brothers and sisters in Christ. I am always humbled when we have opportunity to share Jesus like this in our home. Also, here’s a special shout out to Brooke and Katie for coming over to watch/play with our kids so I could sit in the session. You guys are great!

These night sessions and meals are some of the most precious times to me. I enjoy to opening my home and wrapping the walls around people needing to feel closer to family. I love being a SWOmama! We fully enjoyed the opportunity to make them a part of The Davis Nation for a few hours.

*You can see photos and keep up with more of the OLD School semester going on this fall by checking out the OLD School blog here.
*Recipes for these suppers were mostly made up as I went along. You can’t go wrong with adding cheese to any “casserole-ish” dish. I have a poor ability to quadruple recipes, so I just over did everything… there were NO leftovers!


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