A 15 Minute Drawing Challenge Is Born

Drawing -1
Every Friday, a few of my friends participate in Lisa-Jo Baker’s writing challenge calledFive Minute Fridays! Each Friday, Lisa Jo posts a topic and writers spend 5 minutes writing on the topic and link up throughout the week to share their writings. She refers to it as a kind of writing flash mob.

I have tried to join in the writing fun at Lisa-Jo Baker’s blog a few times. But, I express my words better with pen and paper, literally pen… and paper. I think it could be so great to join up with other artisan types to try a 15 Minute Drawing Challenge.
Yes, today I have been inspired.

I am borrowing from Lisa-Jo’s genius and adding a twist to the AWESOMENESS by hosting a 15 minute drawing challenge on Friday’s.

Here are the rules:
1. Draw (or paint) on the topic posted for 15 uninterrupted minutes
2. NO PENCILS – please use a permanent form of medium, it’s a challenge, right?
4. No Erasing (so, spell check before you start drawing)

Here’s how it will work:
1. I will post a verse or saying for inspiration at 5 min past midnight on Friday (Thursday night late!)
2. Set your timer to 15 minutes and draw sometime during the week
3. Post a photo of your drawing in the comments of the inspiration post. (Make sure you are posting the permalink…(www.mavisdavis.wordpress.com/2013/11/04/introducing-15-minute-fridays/) to your post/photo and not the url of your blog (www.mavisdavis.wordpress.com)
4. If you have a blog, grab the 15 Minute Drawing Challenge button and add it to the bottom of your post 5. Link over to my prompt post and invite others see
5. Encourage! Visit other blogs and check out instagram photos of everyone who participates

Here’s the button:

“Comparison is the thief of joy.” ― Theodore Roosevelt

My goal is not to compare and snub noses on our art. The idea is to create a place for art to be cultivated! Let’s encourage one another in the gifting and talents God has uniquely given each artist and support each other’s craft and talents for the glory of God! I am so excited to see how this works! It may take a few weeks to catch on, but I am determined to motivate the masses of artist out there who love Jesus but feel stuck in sharing their craft/skills with the world! I look forward to joining in this weekly!

Leave a comment if you plan to participate! I would love your feedback!

Also, want a free gift…Take a second and hop over here to download the final draft of this sketch for my friend Jessica’s quote on being brave!
GRACE scan


12 thoughts on “A 15 Minute Drawing Challenge Is Born

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  2. I would really like to try this as well. I started writing because of the FMF idea, who knows… I might actually like this drawing thing ; )

  3. I hope to see it too, hopefully I’ll link it correctly. Waiting for the hubby to come home and show me which paper to play on ; )

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