Chevron and Chalk-paint!

New Chevron Wall _1

New Chevron Wall _2

New Chevron Wall _3

I have been experimenting with fun patterns and colors this week! I semi-followed a few DIY blogs on how to paint a wall in a chevron pattern. I am so pleased with how this turned out in my girls room!

I also painted their chest-of-drawers with chalk paint. Now, you might be thinking, “What? That is too expensive, and crazy!” Well, I had the supplies in the house and sometimes, I’m crazy like that! Here’s what I did:
First, I added non-sanded grout to my “red poppy” paint I had left over from my hall bathroom make over and created my own chalk paint!
Next, I painted the girls chest of drawers with my mixture. It only needed two coats.
The last step was to wax it! This step is very important! It helps keep the paint from chipping due to normal wear and tear. You can find this at your hardware store. Just wax on, wax off.

The added texture to the paint gave these old drawers a modern, matte and soft look/feel. It was exactly what I was hoping for!
New Chevron Wall _4

The chalk paint discovery has inspired me to try painting a little table my mother-in-law passed on to me when she was cleaning out her house. I do not have the hardware back in place yet, but I wanted to share a sneak peek of my “sunshine” table. This little beauty will be great to store our school room supplies! heartofsunshine-1

Alright, hope you enjoy the pics of the ever changing Davis Nation! Remember the 15 Minute Fridays prompt will be posted late tonight! Take a chance and join us this week in the challenge.


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