Shoe Cutting Party!

As a mother, I am daily concerned for the basic needs of my own children. When I heard/read about SoleHope and their mission to put close-toed shoes on the feet of African children I was moved. I thought it was a great thing for someone to do. But as I learned more about their organization, I found out that there is a way that I COULD DO SOMETHING!!!
And so…
anyone can cut

I am hosting a shoe-cutting party for Sole Hope on Tuesday night at SWO! It begins at 6:30 sharp and all ladies, moms, young ladies, and your kids are invited! If you can cut a straight line, you are welcome to attend. There will be childcare for the little ones and if your kid is older than 5, they can probably use scissors well enough to help us cut!

Every person attending our shoe cutting party is encouraged to make a $10 donation to aid in completing the shoes they cut. This will get the pair of shoes they cut from Andrews to a village in Africa to be sewn, pay a fair wage to the shoemaker, and get the shoes on the feet of a child in need.

Our aim is to cut 50 pairs of shoes in a few hours and raise $500 to make sure each pair of shoes can be completed.

If you can’t attend, but want to sponsor a pair of shoes we cut, please contact me!
If you can come sit and cut a pattern, but can not afford a $10 donation, please contact me!

I have organized a team of ladies to help me organize and host the party. We request that you RSVP if you are planning to attend!
Attendees should bring:
1 pair of old jeans or carharts
1 pair of scissors and/or pinking sheers
$10 Donation (again, we are trying to also raise the $500)

I will post photos and update everyone on our party next week!

Ways to contact me:
FB message me
Leave a comment on this post
Text me (if you have my #)
Email me:


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