Weekend Inspiration From Mavis Davis

It is no secret that what I lack in organization and administration I make up for in creativity, enthusiasm and resourcefulness (the top 3 words I used to describe my strengths in our home study application BTW). When my creativity is flowing, I do my best work, tell my best stories, make my best suppers from scratch and actually like cleaning! When my creativity begins to run dry, I look for inspiration!
These are some things God has inspired my heart with this week. I share them with you and hope you will be inspired too!
shoe patterns 1Starting with a little update about our shoe cutting party. We were able to cut 29 shoe patterns in 1 hour and raise $240!! So awesome! We are half way to our goal! I am planning the next party for January, I will post dates for people who might want to drive in and participate! Check out SoleHope.com for more information about hosting your own shoe cutting party.


Jerry: Jerrycan, a plastic fuel container

I have recently started following Asher Collies blog (founder of Sole Hope) Hopetocarryon.com.
I was inspired this week by this blog and her post on Carry the Jerry for #ZEROjiggers.  Read what she is doing this month and get involved!!
DIY: Screen Shot 2013-12-14 at 2.09.06 AM I also found this DIY from lilblueboo.com. I am making this soon!
THE WOW FACTOR: Screen Shot 2013-12-14 at 2.11.31 AMMy husband watched this video on the airplane this week. Tom Thum: The orchestra in my mouth. Check out the amazing sounds this man is able to make with just his vocal cords ~ amazing!

photo from lifeingraceblog.com

My friend and newly adopted older sister Eddie gives a tour of her home at Christmas time! I love it! Oh, and guess who’s hand drawn art is on the mantle? Thanks for the shout out Eddie! Visit her blog and scoop up some inspiration of your own!
The Sea In Between ~ Josh Garrels and Mason Jar Documentary

The Sea In Between ~ Josh Garrels and Mason Jar Music Documentary

Josh Garrels and Mason Jar Music team up to create this inspiring documentary called The Sea In Between!!! This is on it’s way to my house right now! Watch this trailer and find out more info about this project!

Hope you find something new from these links:)
Have a fun weekend!


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