DIY Custom Guitar for Alani

When my 5-year-old looked me in the eye and said, “Oh mama, I want to play the guitar just like you…” my heart melted! I knew exactly what to get her for Christmas this year! A few weeks ago I found this guitar at a thrift store for about $13.
Guitar 1

Guitar 2

Guitar 3

Guitar 4

Guitar 5

Guitar 6

Guitar 7

I sanded off the Cars theme, painted a few coats of red acrylic paint, sanded some more then added the sharpie hand-lettering design and finished with a spray coating of sealer.
It was a bit time consuming, but it turned out great.
THIS IS a PLASTIC guitar. It’s not even a starter guitar. It doesn’t hold a tune and the action is way too high for her little hands. But it’s a great INTRO guitar.
alani plays

alani plays loud
Besides, her joy and beautiful songs are way louder than her guitar playing. I am so thankful for a little girl who has a heart full of songs to glorify Jesus.
Alani = Great!


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