(In)Design Creative Community Group

I am excited to see how the Lord continues to open doors to serve others through this blog! For the next 10 weeks I will be teaming up with In Courage by co-leading an online community group for artists with my new friend Stef Morrell (for more information about other groups click here). I am so excited about this opportunity to strengthen fellow artist towards Christ!

What is (In)Couragers?
(in)Couragers is an online community of women, connecting across the globe to encourage women in their relationship with Christ! (In)Courage offers community groups on many topics and common interests in order to build community among believers!
I know. I know.
A community needs to be built where you are, face to face, with real people!

Praying for our friend Joy at her wedding shower this weekend. I am so blessed to live in great Biblical Community!

Praying for my friend Joy at her wedding shower this weekend. I am so blessed to live in real Biblical community!

Yes! (I agree 100%!)
I will also suggest that building relationships with women around the world who have similar interests, struggles and life experiences can be super encouraging and strength giving to the body of Christ! I think these groups can be a great way to do that!

So, how does it work?
Joining an (in)courage community group is easy! Click here. Register and your group leader will add you to a private FB page where the members of your group will meet up during the week.  It is important to register with (in)courage so everyone is legit and we have record of your participation.

Who can join?
These groups are for ladies only! You can check out all the FAQ’s and details for these community groups here.

When do they begin?
The 10 week session begins next Monday, February 3rd. If you want to participate in an online community group you have until next Monday to sign up!

That’s the fun news going on now with MavisDavis.  My group will be hosted on a private FB page, so you may not hear much more about this! However, if you want to check out the description of our group and see my little pic on a legit website, that’d be cool! Here’s the link!



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