Shoes Cut for SoleHope!

50 pairs of shoes and $500!

50 pairs of shoes and $500!

Group Pic

island cutting

A few months ago I met the gals from SoleHope at a conference and just knew I had to get involved! I bought a shoe-cutting party kit for only $10! Originally, I had determined to give the kit to a younger friend of mine so she could hold a small party for her friends. But, the longer I carried that little kit around in my backpack, the more I wanted to hold a party myself (read more here).

A few of my friends and I set to work organizing, promoting, tweeting and the like. We set our goal to cut 50 pairs of shoes and raise $500 to cover the cost of the shoes we cut! That first night, we were able to cut 30 pairs of shoes and raise about $230 bucks!

On Saturday, we held our 2nd party to finish up our project. I am so excited to report that we reached our goal! In two sessions, we have cut out 50 pairs of shoes and raised over $500 to cover the cost of each pair of shoes! Praise the Lord. Thanks to everyone who participated in helping us put shoes on the feet of children in Uganda!

patterns together

patterns and table



Screen Shot 2014-01-27 at 10.15.32 AMThese past few months I have added Asher Collie (founder of Sole Hope) to my list of most inspiring women! By following her instagram I am able to see her live out the love of Christ to her family, her Ugandan community and all the children she interacts with daily. I am always encouraged by her posts and photos! You’ll be encouraged too! Follow her at: ashercollie on instagram. the blog and of course

For more information about SoleHope and how you can host your own shoe-cutting party, check out this link!
Screen Shot 2014-01-27 at 10.22.59 AM


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