Davis Nation School of Education

Knox and Alani - 2012 Just getting started with pre-school.

Knox and Alani – 2012 Just getting started with pre-school.

Jed - 2012 Figuring how to do pre-school with a little fella crawling and exploring the house...

Jed – 2012 Figuring out how to do pre-school with a little fella crawling and exploring the house…

I do not claim to be a preschool guru! In fact, as you may already know, I only officially baby sat once before I had my own little girl… (It was 1993. The little boy came at me with a butter knife, I called his mom to come home, and I never babysat again). Learning how to teach my children at home has been a great challenge for me! Sure, I am crafty and creative, but it takes a bit more than knowing the color wheel and the alphabet song to be a good preschool teacher, right?

A few years ago, I was super intimidated! I thought my friends had a special formula for homeschooling and I was just waiting for them to fill me in on their secrets. I also burned up the internet searching for weekly themes, sensory stimulation activities for toddlers, educational programming, age appropriate science experiments and information on what my child should be learning developmentally. It was a lot of work looking for that formula. Finally, I found it!

Knoxy - 2012

Knoxy – 2012

Knoxy - 2012  Oh, remember the bangs?

Knoxy – 2012
Oh, remember the bangs?

The secret to this formula is… THERE IS NO FORMULA, you just have to figure out what works best for your own family. That’s it! And no, it is not so easy. But, if you are on the search for what schooling at home with 3 small children looks like, I would love to help.

To inspire all you homeschool newbies, I am opening the window of our homeschooling room and sharing with you how I school our kids. Sometimes, when I read the experiences of others, I am inspired to do more on my own! So, this is exactly what I hope you gain from these posts…. INSPIRATION!

I am not claiming to have EVERYTHING about homeschooling my kids figured out, my kids are only 5,4 and 2 so, it is always a work in progress. However, I do think that we are at a point where I can share our experiences and help give some resources for your own journey!

So, ready to be inspired? Friday I will post the first part of our morning routine! Sign up to receive my posts by email, or subscribe to MavisDavis on the sidebar!



2 thoughts on “Davis Nation School of Education

  1. It is really hard to be a parent especially if you are taking care of a bunch of kids! I only have two but a bit handful. Glad to have found your site and bookmarked this one for future use. I’ll be hanging around for sometime too!

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