Move and Groove

Continuing from my earlier post on the Prayer and The Pledge of Allegiance we move on to our Move and Groove portion of our morning routine.
I think you are going to learn a bit more about me than you bargained for in these posts (hee hee).
First, a confession: I do not like listening to recordings of children’s choirs, children’s music, children’s sing-a-long cd’s and all the rest of it. I will spare you my well thought out, justified, seemingly snobbish conclusions and leave it at that.

My goal for the Move and Groove time is to get my kid up and moving to get their wiggles out before our Bible time. At this point everyone is on his or her mats and I have our youtube playlist pulled up ready to jam out. Some of the songs on our playlist have hand motions, others are just text or a CD cover graphic. But, lucky for us Alani insists on making up new motions for the songs without motions already. The other two can join in or just dance it up!

When our internet is running slow (which is pretty common), we do a round of exercises or fast scavenger hunt.
We love to exercise so my kids already know the names of these exercises when I call them out. It could be fun to teach your kids a few new moves and teach them the names of easy exercises.
Super Hero Squats, Burpees, Stretches (up high and bending over to touch the ground or either leg), Jumping Jacks, run in place, high jumps, spin in circles, touch the ground… anything really. Just keep it fast paced so they don’t have time to think about if they want to participate or not.

Scavenger Hunt:
It’s your basic call out a color and your kids run to their toy box and bring something back matching the color you call out. You can also do “starts with” and say a letter of the alphabet. Also, try “rhymes with”. I always laugh at this one.

Keeping this time upbeat with low expectations is my goal! These 7 to 8 min is dedicated to working out the wiggles. I’m not trying to make them sing the right words, get the hand motions correct or even keep track of how many burpees they can do. It’s time to Move and Groove! Giving my kids a few minutes to “run wild” helps them to get out extra energy so they can focus on actual school work.



2 thoughts on “Move and Groove

  1. Amy, when did you start school with Alani? like an organized curriculum? I’m just wondering at what age I should start working with Keller on school…right now we do a verse a week and sometimes a letter and number, but he is not really interested in the letter and number then we read books and try to learn a “living skill” like putting on your socks by yourself.

  2. I remember starting “organized” school time with Alani when she was like 3. At the time we were praying about going overseas to the mission field. I wanted to get familiar with doing school at home so I was not trying to figure it all out in a different country. I just picked out themes for the week and tried to read books make “messes” or crafts based on the theme. Alani could draw a straight line and smily faces on our chalk board. So, she was interested in drawing her letters and pictures and learning the sounds. You could check out this blog. I basically followed this curriculum and it was fun, hands on, well rounded. You know me well. I’m not a child developmental expert, but I know my own kids and knew when Alani was ready to start learning more. We can talk more, just give me a call!

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