Meet Hayley Scott

Hayley is a great friend of mine preparing to go to South Sudan. I thought it would be great to share with you a bit about Hayley, her journey to South Sudan and to invite you to partner with us in supporting her through this Gospel-centered journey to East Africa. walkbycreek As Florida gal, born and raised, Hayley first came to know the Lord as a freshman in college at Florida State. Throughout college, the Lord used her jobs and apartment situations to prepare her heart for missions. “The Lord taught me to see those I interacted with as people who need Him and to let my thoughts and actions be sanctified from that Spirit,” says Hayley. journal1 After goggling “Christian Summer Camps” for a summer job option, Hayley found Snowbird Wilderness Outfitters, filled out the extensive application and has now served on summer staff since 2010. During her first summer, she was moved again for the nations to know Jesus and was encouraged to get involved with a local body of believers when she returned home to Tallahassee. “When I returned from Snowbird, I became a member at Four Oaks Community Church in North Tallahassee. I was immediately immersed in a locally and globally missional church,” says Hayley. “Returning to the real-world culture of college life after a summer of SWO was a struggle each fall, but it was highly alleviated by the solid teaching from the leadership at Four Oaks.” onlog This past fall Hayley signed up with Pioneers (a missions organization) and began her missions training for South Sudan. “Pioneers mobilizes teams to glorify God among unreached peoples,” says Hayley. “They do this by initiating church-planting movements in partnership with local churches.” Hayley shared with me that she is trying to be patient as the Lord leads her closer to South Sudan. She needs to raise about $18,000 of support before she can leave. Right now she is selling art prints created by the extremely talented Katie Collins as well as T shirts! She has raised about $7000 so far. walkingovercreek

“My heart yearns for the nations,” says Hayley. “The Lord has given me specific gifts in language and communication to go. He has affirmed those in my life through His Holy Spirit and through leadership. He is using my deep emotions and love for adaptability to reach the nations.”

I am so thankful for this opportunity to help send Hayley to South Sudan! As a stay-at-home mom, this is something I can participate in for The Gospel! Helping send bright, mature, Gospel-focused young women like this to the unreached people of the world is part of my responsibility to The Gospel too! Please join me in supporting Hayley as she goes overseas!

Financially Support Hayley: If you would like to help support Hayley financially and help her meet her required minimum support of $18,000:
– Visit
– Click “Pioneers Missionary”
– Type in Hayley Scott or Account #111997. You will have the option of making a one-time gift or scheduling reoccurring gifts.
– You can also send checks to Pioneers with her Account #111997 and “Hayley Scott” to:
Attn: Finance
10123 William Carey Dr.
Orlando, FL 32832.

Trendy Items:
Check out these items for sale at Hayley’s Online Store! All the money will go towards her trip!

Buy this shirt and help send Hayley to South Sudan!

Buy this shirt and help send Hayley to South Sudan!

Prayerfully Support Hayley:
Hayley asks:
-Pray that my joy and confidence will be solely in the Lord; fed through the Holy Spirit, the body, and the Word of God.
-Pray that funds will not be a struggle, so that I may concentrate on better serving.
-Pray for the hearts of my family; ultimately for their salvation, but that they would see the sovereignty of the Lord in my life and in this season.

If you would like updates of Hayley’s journey to South Sudan, follow her on FB!


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