Skill Time

After move and groove, we sit down on our mats and begin our skills training. We have worked on various skills such as telling time, naming coins, shapes, colors, habitats, basic map reading skills, memorizing the 50 sates and more. I pull from lots of different websites, resources, games and youtube videos to keep our topic interesting. I try to keep this time fun for us to learn together as a family.
Money in Bin
Counting coins and learning about money is a life skill. My goal this past week was to teach our kids how to identify different coins. This is a bit of what I did for skills time last week.

MondayYoutube video called Coin Song (The one we used all week was recently taken off, but this one was fun too!)
– Pass out pieces of money and identify them as a group
Tuesday – Play youtube video again
– Memorize penny, nickel, dime, quarter over and over in a rhythm
– Point to the piece of money as you say the name of the coin
Wednesday – Play youtube video
– Ask if your kid would like to sing the song by themselves.
– Trace different coins on a piece of paper
– Let the child match the piece of money to the proper size circle
– Continue to show the differences between the coins
Thursday – Play the video
– Sing your “penny, nickel, dime, quarter” rhythm together
– Have them fill in the blanks to the song as you sing it
– Pass out a pile of coins
– Have everyone point to a coin as you call out the name

This specialized time usually takes about 7-10 minutes, depending on if we watch a video or not. Sometimes I cut it short if I can tell that they are ready to do something else.



After my focused lesson, I read 2 books (their choice) or get out an educational game or puzzle that they can complete pretty easily. Learning a new skill can frustrate my kids if it does not come easily. I want my kids to feel accomplished before we move on.

After a fair amount of time working on a small puzzle or game, we move on to our calendar time.

Hope you are enjoying these little notes from our homeschool routine!


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