The Calendar


This is one of my own favorite parts of our school time. I created this calendar with some great ideas from this website. This mom has lots of creative ideas for calendar time.

At the beginning of the month we discuss the months of the year and find the right month for the top of our calendar (my girls learned this song from Youtube to help them memorize the months of the year).

We begin our calendar time by counting the days already numbered on the calendar. When we reach the number missing (sometimes it’s more than one if it’s over the weekend or if we have skipped a day), my kids look for the right number to be placed on the calendar.

Next, we sing our “Days of the Week” song and identify the day of the week.

Then, we sing our “Date” song that includes the day of the week, the month, the day and the year.

There are lots of elements that can be included on the calendar. Early on I thought it would be great to teach yesterday, today and tomorrow to the girls. So I added a little space on our calendar to do so.
This lil’ group time is a bit young for Alani, now. During our singing time she sits with her own calendar and writes out 3 things she is thankful for. She must sound out the words and try to spell them as best that she can. My goal for her is to have some independence during this time and to work on her handwriting.

After calendar time… we take a break!

I set my timer for 15 minutes and prepare for the next part of our school day.

I hope you have enjoyed Part 1 of our homeschool routine.


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