Dinner Guests

When my husband is out of town I take advantage of the time I have alone with 3 small children. We play hard all day and eat tons of spaghetti.  We have movie marathons and make forts in the living room.  We eat popcorn, find new playgrounds and skip naps.  But…  after a few days, everyone gets a bit tired of each other and we need an extra boost. Monday night was just one of those nights.

Xorbee Score for a few weeks! This was a staged photo:) They really love it!

Xorbee Score for a few weeks! This was a staged photo:) They really love it!

Thankfully I had invited a few friends over to make supper and hang out.


I did not think much about my dinner party during the day.  The plan was thrown together via text messages and a short,drive-by conversation outside the metal building. It wasn’t until I was straightening up the house a bit that I actually decided what I should make for supper.  While I watched our guests arrive, nearly all at the same time, I was surprised by how emotional I became.  Watching these ladies park their cars, the Lord stirred my heart and reminded me…  

she recently returned from sharing The Gospel in Southeast Asia for 2 years…

she is preparing to leave for West Africa for a year to do the same and…

she leaves this summer to teach English in the Middle East. 

I just sat on my porch and tried to soak in the moment.  These three ladies are walking up my driveway with grocery bags of goodies to make supper with my family.

peel potatoes
My girls sat with these women and peeled potatoes, cut up broccoli and shared jokes while we made supper and enjoyed spending time together. We laughed at my kids and listened to interesting stories about the cultures they have visited and the ones they will be going to soon.
dinner table

Everyone gathered around the table. We held hands. My little man led in prayer, giving thanks for the meal and our guests by name.  We ate supper. We drank chai. We played memory, laughed hard and spent the evening encouraging one another towards Christ. It was a beautiful night to share with my little ones.
It is so important for my kids to really know people who are serving Jesus around the world. Their names need to be familiar to my children. My kids need to see (and one day understand) that being obedient to God is not a “weird” or “fanatical” thing to do. Being obedient to Christ is our basic responsibility as followers of Jesus!
I am so thankful for this evening and for how special it was to spend this time with these women. I pray that evenings like this will remain vibrant in the memories of my children.


2 thoughts on “Dinner Guests

  1. Amen sister! One of my favorite mentor mom, Sally Clarkson, says, “the most important things in your home school are: pick a math you and your kids like; read/and have them read lots of amazing literature; and surround them with adults that you want your children to grow up to be like!” Your kiddos are blessed with amazing mentors for sure!

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