We Have Been Approved!!!


That’s right! We have been approved to adopt from Haiti! Things are moving forward quickly and I am just so excited to share with you how the LORD has been working in our family.

These past few months have been crazy! While I have been super quiet online, I have been filling out online applications, researching nearly every country offering international adoptions and reading tons of adoption blogs and personal stories, not to mention the normal Stay-at-home-mom stuff. It has been a race to find an adoption agency who will be able to use our approved home study for an international adoption. With the Lord’s leading, we have chosen an agency and have been approved to adopt from HAITI!

I am so thankful to those of you who are eager to hear about our adoption! Your questions have been so encouraging to me even though there has not been much to say until recently. I have organized pages of information about our adoption and how you can help on this blog. I’ll be tracking our adoption progress here at mavisdavis.wordpress.com! So, if you go to “Our Adoption Journey” on the menu bar above, you will see a drop down box full of information on how you can get involved in our little boy’s story!


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