Adopt an Envelope Fundraiser

The biggest question that we faced when considering adoption is, “Can we afford it?”
Rarely does anyone have $35,000 just lying around. Fortunately, we have been successful with our “Artwork Raffle” and we have more creative fundraising ideas on the rise. So far, between fundraisers and careful family budgeting, we have been able to raise over $4,300 and it has carried us to this point.

The time has come for us to jump into our next (and possibly most ambitious) fundraiser. When all is said and done, and if all goes according to plan, this project will get us close to our goal!

We are calling it Adopt an Envelope.
It’s a pretty simple, really. Below you will see a graphic with 250 envelopes. Each envelope has a number. That number represents a dollar amount. Once the dollar value has been donated, the envelope gets crossed out. The fundraiser continues until all envelopes are crossed out.
Sounds simple right?

It would be great to do this with physical envelopes on a wall in our home. But since we interact with the majority of you online, we needed to come up with a digital solution.

250ENVELOPEPHOTOSo here’s how it’ll work:
Step 1: Join our Facebook Page, here.
This way, you can follow the progress and see which envelopes are available!

Step 2: Choose an envelope that has the cash value you want to give or raise.
– Make sure the envelope you want is not crossed out.
– If the envelope is crossed out, chose multiple envelopes that equal the amount you feel led to give or raise. Example: If you know you want to give or raise $100, you could choose many different envelope combinations to equal the sum of 100.

*Note: Your envelope will not be held or “claimed” while you are raising the money for your envelope. Our aim is to raise money fast, so the faster you raise your donation, better are the chances that you will meet your donation goal. Your money will not be counted until it has been received, posted, processed, paid, etc…

Step 3: Give or raise cash fast.
– Start your fundraising! We are excited to have you involved in this journey with us. By extending this fundraiser to your co-workers, extended family, roommates, hall-mates, Bible study group, Sunday school class, Mops group, and everyone you know, you give them the opportunity to participate in this beautiful journey of hope for a little boy living in HAITI. So, get creative. Host a bake sale. Skip on eating out for two weeks. Get all your co-workers to give you $10. There are lots of ways to raise these amounts of money fast!
– Donate the cash value of your envelope by:

  1. using the PayPal DONATE button on the sidebar
  2. using the “send money” feature on PayPal (use email
  3. sending a CHECK to Davis Family 75 Mae Johnson Way, Andrews, NC 28901
  4. soon, visiting our adoption agency website donating directly to our account will be possible. We hope to share that with you as soon as possible. (Donations directly to our agency are tax deductible!)

Step 4: Give yourself a high five and dance around the room because YOU ARE AWESOME!!

Raising this amount of money is CRAZY, but this seems to be a fast and effective way to raise the majority of our adoption expenses fast!
Please help us extend our family to a little boy who needs a family!


4 thoughts on “Adopt an Envelope Fundraiser

  1. Hi….cross out the envelope with 10 on it for me! Posted to paypal just now. Spence, so proud of you! Praying you meet your goal quickly! I am sharing your video post on my facebook! Love, Mrs. Hicks

  2. Yes! Mrs. Hicks! Spencer says, “That’s my history teacher!” We are so thankful for your gift! We are excited to share this journey with everyone we know!

  3. I LOVE the adopt an envelope fundraiser! Some friends of my recently did it and it was so fun! It’s such an easy way for everyone to see how much you still need. I can’t wait to see all of those envelopes crossed off. Alex and I will pick one soon. Love you guys! Happy first day of summer camp! Praying for you always!

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