Art for Adoption: Face Painting #2

IMG_20140628_112121 IMG_20140628_125536
This past Saturday I had the privilege of setting up my little face painting booth at the Heritage Festival in downtown Andrews, NC where we live.   As soon as I was set up to paint,  kids began lining up and before I knew it, I had been painting faces for 3 hours with no break! These kids were so excited to have their faces painted. When I was finished with each one, I would hand them a mirror so they could check out their transformation… it was my favorite part!  Some of the little ones actually squealed with excitement when they saw their faces painted! Shy little girl’s lit up in smiles when they saw themselves as a butterfly or kitten.  One little boy got his face painted like Spider Man, then after lunch, he came back to have his face re-painted like Spider Man again!

The people at the festival really enjoyed it, and so did I. I painted faces from 10am to 4:30pm and raised over $185! I am very thankful for such a fun and rewarding way to raise money to bring  our new son home from Haiti.




So far, I have been able to raise $241 painting faces and I am scheduled to paint faces this Friday night (4th of July) for ArtWalk in Murphy! So, if you are in the area and would like to get your kid’s face painted, stop by. I will be set up outside the Murphy Art Guild.


Check out our fundraising project and help us raise money to adopt from HAITI

Check out our fundraising project and help us raise money to adopt from HAITI


Whitewater Sign Finds A Home!

I painted this on a piece of wood that I found in the burn pile at camp this spring. It has taken most of the year, but I finally found it a home in our living room!WHITEWATERfinal
When I decided where I would like to hang this hand painted sign, I did not take into consideration how heavy it really is. It is a monster! I mean at least 40lbs. The biggest task was finding the right hardware to hang and support the weight of it.


But, after a few trips to Lowe’s and lots of holes in the drywall, it has found a home!

More Projects to Share: Whitewater Sign

Walk Thru The WoodsMy children and I are privileged to walk a nice path to camp whenever we like. It is a fun little hike for my little troop and sometimes we make our hike to lunch in the metal building a bit more adventurous! We hike through the paintball field or take winding trails through the old archery course. But personally, my favorite place to explore is an area of camp we affectionately call, The Burn Pile.
The Burn Pile, is basically exactly what it sounds like. It is a giant pile of things that can “go out in a blaze of glory!” Collected here are scraps from old building projects, broken desk parts, rotted signs and basically anything camp has no need of that can be burned. The great thing is that it takes a long time for the “great burn” to make it on the work priority list, so every once in a while I find a diamond in the rough!

Sketch of Artwork

Sketch of Artwork

I found this last fall and just got around to painting it.

DSC_0178 2

I chose to make it look as if it is part of a sign that fell down somewhere near a river company. Since 2001 my husband I have served at SWO and whitewater rafting has been a big part of that. The Lord continues to use whitewater training and rafting to extend the gospel to people who have never heard and this ‘sign’ helps to remind our family to pray for these opportunities.

I am looking for a few old wooden river paddles to go with my ideas for hanging the sign… I will post photos when I get it all hung.