Our Adoption Journey



The Lord continues to direct our steps in pursuing adoption! If you have been following our adoption journey, you may know that last September we were pursuing an adoption from Jamaica. However, the week we were scheduled to send in our paperwork, dossier and approved home study, new adoption laws were passed in Jamaica that would effect our application with major delays.  In fact, thru conversations with representatives in Jamaica, our application would not even be looked at for 2 or 3 years.

Yes, that is crazy! But we are sure that the Lord is guiding our steps in this whole process.  So, this new adoption law only brings us one step closer to the little one the LORD has set aside for our family.  I am thankful for the delay, because I know the Lord is guiding our steps.   As we continue following him in this adoption, I can see that the Lord is tending to us so patiently.  These past few months of researching, praying, waiting and sitting still has been hard, but the Lord has all things in his care, for both my family and the little boy we hope to adopt.

I am thankful to announce that thru lots of prayer, research and online applications  we have been approved to adopt from HAITI!! 

Yes, we are excited and we do need your help in bringing a little boy home from Haiti.  As you may know, adoption costs are high.  If you can, we are asking for your help to meet our financial goals in this adoption! Below (and in the menu bar) are a few links on how you can get involved in our adoption and/or how to get the word out about our adoption from Haiti.  If you have a few minutes,  please read thru ways you could help and/or participate in our “Adopt An Envelope” Fundraiser!

Click on any of these links to learn more about our adoption journey from Haiti:

Adoption Cost and Overview

How You Can Help

Adopt An Envelope Fundraiser


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